Graduate School Spotlight: Pam Hammond

30 Mar

Pam Hammond is enrolled in Auburn University’s Master of Accountancy program as a Lila White Fellow and expects to complete her degree this May. Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Hammond and her husband, James (also a native Texan), plan to move to Austin, Texas, this fall. With undergraduate degrees in both accounting and public administration, Hammond hopes to one day transition into nonprofit work.

Do you have a graduate assistantship? What does it entail?

Pam Hammond

Pam Hammond

I started the Master of Accountancy program in May as a Lila White Fellow, and I work under Julie Reece in the Graduate School. I do a lot of financial and administrative things that go on behind the scenes.

Why did you decide to double major in public administration and accounting?

Originally I was going to do political science because I was thinking about law school, but when I got here I decided I wanted to do some kind of business and political science. Then I took my first accounting class because I was in the business school and really liked it. A lot of it is thinking about finance a different kind of way. Public administration and accounting seem a bit random, but they actually go together really well. And I eventually I want to work for some kind of nonprofit, so the public administration definitely helps. But also, the accounting helps with understanding how business works. My background in accounting has given me such insight and a detailed view of how business works, that I don’t feel like maybe any other business major could have provided me as far as the financial aspect of it.

What makes the Auburn accounting program great?

It’s probably one of the few master’s program in the U.S. that you take your CPA during your master’s year. The way the schedule works out, the most people take is two classes. So they build the spring semester around you passing your CPA exam. Plus, I think everybody in the program already has a job offer.

What kept you busy during your undergraduate years at Auburn?

I was involved in the Women’s Resource Center as an undergrad. I was co-chair for the Chocolate Festival for the past three years, and this past year I was an adviser. Also, in Beta Alpha Psi (the accounting honor society), we all started a kickball tournament, which I co-founded, for one of our professors who got cancer.

What is your favorite Auburn memory?

My favorite memories are getting married on Samford Lawn and getting proposed to in front of my dorm. But I think what I just love, one of my favorite things, is just walking by Samford Hall when the bells are ringing at any time. I feel like the Auburn spirit is within me.

— Francesca Tully |


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