Biological Sciences researchers receive NSF grant

11 Jun

Doctoral student Justin Havird and associate professor Scott Santos in the Department of Biological Sciences have received a two-year, doctoral dissertation improvement grant from the National Science Foundation’s Division of Environmental Biology.

The research proposal is titled, “Assessing evolution of euryhalinity in anchialine shrimps,” and the funding will allow Havird and Santos to further investigate the evolution of the molecular mechanisms of osmoregulation in shrimp species from coastal ponds and pools. Previous research efforts regarding the osmoregulation of crustaceans have primarily related to crabs with marine ancestry.

Havird’s research, conducted in the Santos Lab, will further develop that research as he examines shrimp species from the Ryukyus Islands in Japan, that represent independent invasions of the habitats on the islands and reflect a varied history. Havird and Santos will also collaborate with Raymond Henry of the Department of Biological Sciences.

For more information on Havird and Santos, visit the Santos Lab website.


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